Monday, July 8, 2013

A Gift From the Island~

The Western Arctic Region is a haven 
for migrating birds.

They have been a source of food for hundreds of years.
More recently,
birders from all the world flock here to see birds that can only be seen
during their migration.

One of the birders favorite destinations is St. Lawrence Island,
a short distance from Russia.

One of the well-known Island birds
are the Murres.
In the summer they hang out on the rocky ledges.

The Nursing Daughter was gifted some 
Murre eggs from a friend.

He packed them in a cardboard box and sent them with the Bering Air pilot.

The white one is a large sized chicken egg.
When I used them for Strawberry-Rhubarb Bread,
I counted one Murre for two chicken eggs.

Don't they look like they are decorated for Easter already?

We tried them boiled.

The shell is extra thick. 
Think it might be from having to stay intact when it is laid on a rocky ledge? 

The yolk is bright, but
the white is Clear!

Scrambled up, they were quite colorful!

The Island folks are careful when they to leave some eggs to hatch 
while they are collecting eggs.
This way, they help make sure there will be Murres 
for future generations.....


  1. This is so cool. In the first pictures, they look a bit like shiny stones. The hard boiled egg looks fake. I was eating my lunch as I started to read the post, which was coincidentally, hard boiled eggs. The white of my eggs was definitely more opaque looking. Did you notice any difference in taste from a regular chicken egg.
    It's lovely that the Nursing Daughter's friend took the time and trouble to ship her a unique treat.


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