Thursday, July 11, 2013

Elegant Grace~

One of the most beautiful birds who visit us in the summer
are the swans.

We rarely see them up close, but hear them calling across the
tundra beyond our house.

Yesterday, we were surprised to find one floating on the pond when
we came home.

We watched its elegant carriage for a while before we started up the drive.

As soon as the swan heard us it began to take off gracefully...

gathering speed as it pushed against the water..

until it was airborne..

and off into the wild, blue yonder.....


  1. These are great shots. It seem like it is impossible to leave your house without spotting something wonderful. We only have mute swans in our area. From where you were standing, could you tell if this was a tundra or trumpeter swan?

  2. In every season you are treated to such wonderful images of the wildlife that makes this northern region their home. Thank you for continually sharing them with us.


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