Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Flipped Around~

Things are a kind of flipped around this spring,
making things a little out of order.

We have lots of robins,
when there are normally just a few.
They are an independent bird and don't even eat our seed.
The usually starving red poles have been virtually absent.
 This change is leaving us with only one partially used seed bag, and three to go!

And, while the floral colors have been spectacular,
they are flipped.
The Forget-Me-Nots have been blooming for weeks, which is marvelous.

But the native Irises, which are usually one of the first to bloom,
are just beginning.
Is this due to the later than normal cold ground temperatures?

The Dwarf Fireweed has begun blooming a few weeks earlier than usual.
It is one of the first species to invade after a fire
or ground disturbance.
I would guess that the two weeks of warm to hot weather
sparked its early growth.

Its taller, more traditional cousin, 
was surprisingly, bigger than the Irises in my beds two weeks ago,
and now it is getting close to blooming.

Last year was a banner Fireweed year and the roadways 
were bordered by its beautiful, striking color.
It looked just like the postcards you see in the tourist shops!

After making over 100 jars of delicious--and very pretty--
Fireweed Jelly in 2011,
I wasn't ready to make more in 2012.

Judging by the thickness of the plants, this year is looking to be an even BeTtEr year
to collect their blossoms for making jelly
and I am lining up my jars already.....


  1. I went back to reread your Fireweed jelly posts. Is there a taste you can compare it with or is it totally unique?

  2. The wild iris flowers did not bloom well at all here this year. I think it is because of all the rain we've had. They did not have their deep and vibrant purple that they usually do. :(


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