Thursday, July 18, 2013

Once Upon a Time~

Over 90 years ago a sweet baby girl was born.

**Actually, I only imagine she was sweet,
based on the adult I have known**

She was the ninth child born into a very diversified family.

Her father always wondered what it was like to live in a new place
so the family moved..
a lot! 

I once heard that they lived at over 100 different addresses.

By time she was grown, 
her oldest sisters had homes of their own.

I don't remember her parents, but her Mother made a baby quilt for me
...all by hand.

I grew up listening to interesting stories of her family's adventures.
Kids today would never be allowed to do 
what they did back then,
but they were self-reliant and willing to work.
They probably didn't have a lot of choice about chores
but, when they talked about growing up and moving around the states,
they seemed to find things to laugh about and share.
In spite of their responsibilities, all of them lived well into adulthood, 
except one little sister who died of an illness.

One of the boys grew up to be my Grandpa (below right).
At 12 or 13 years old he and their brothers (also teenagers) drove the stock from 
California to Idaho while the parents moved with the car and sisters
on a different route.

I enjoy learning about her and her family.
She and several sisters went to college.
Some of the boys joined the military.
She told me once that her favorite brother went off to war,
and came back a different man.
All of the boys cowboyed or logged at some point in their lives.
Her youngest sister became a pilot and retired from the aviation industry.
The subject of this post 
raised a fine family and loved to garden and paint.

Some of my most memorable times growing up,
revolved around family get togethers with her siblings and their kids.
It was a good sized crew with everyone together!

But this one smart, sweet, tech-savy lady amongst them,
who reads my blog and writes to me,

is turning 91 on August 18, 2013
and I wanted to surprise her,
 so I am sending early wishes to one of my favorite people~

Happy Birthday
GrEaT Aunt Marjorie! 
Thanks for the gift you have been!!

I hope you have a lovely 91st birthday.....


  1. They sound like a remarkable family. There are only 2 boys in the picture. Were there more?
    Happy Birthday to your aunt. It sounds like she packed a lot of living into her 91 years.

  2. What a wonderful story and happy birthday to your aunt!

    Happy day to you!


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