Thursday, July 18, 2013

Whale Sighting~

You might think that, because of our location, 
we see whales.
It is actually rare to see them from Nome..
like never in over 30 years at least!

But yesterday a pod was sighted off of the shore.
First 6-8 orcas were visible,
then two grays appeared.

A call went out on the local radio station
and I headed to the beach, along with much of the town, to see them.

Disappointed to see the whales had left the area,
I took a shot of the barge and a moving dredge in the foggy moistness.

As I was preparing to leave, I noticed a log
floating in the surf near shore.

After watching it for a few minutes I 
discovered it was a whale!

We are fortunate to have many whale experts in town.  
After observing the gray whales,
it was noted that the smaller, younger one was in distress :(

The theory is that the mother took her calf into the 
rough, shallow shore waves to break 
up the sonar signals 
that the strong, healthy orcas were following.

Orcas are known to rip out the tongue,
then wait for their prey to die.
We don't know if that happened to this one, but the orcas left
and the grays were still there hours later.

Sadly, these yahoos went out "whale spotting" near the gray.
It appears the discovery channel camera crew was on the back of the boat.
They will not be very popular in town for causing
more distress for the animals
just to get their clip!
A strongly worded message was sent out to boaters to try 
and help protect the mammals.

Hopefully, after resting, the whales can continue on their way.....


  1. I didn't know that attack method of the Orcas. Seems awful but I guess the laws of nature rule. Glad you were able to get a snapshot of one of the whales and hoping that all of them are swimming happily and whole somewhere in the deep.

  2. It's bittersweet to be able to see the whales, but know that they are having a problem. I hope they are okay and on their way.


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