Monday, September 23, 2013

And For Autumn's Second Day~

The Pilot Man is gone on his Annual Brothers' Trip.

It is kind of a standing joke (?) that whenever he leaves,
something happens at home....
So, in typical Pilot Man fashion,
 he had the fuel tanks topped off (@$6.36/gallon) for the winter,
checked the weather forecast (good for at least five days),
then made sure things were taken care of at work and at home.

And he flew away on Friday.

On Monday we woke up to this ;0)

Our first is early even for us!

so I made coffee (thank you Starbucks and your one-cuppas!)
and went back under the warm quilts to make a plan.

Then I hopped into the shower and,

as I was sudsing up my hair,

the water.... stopped....completely.

It was an easy fix,
but we aren't supposed to need the heat-trace to the well pump in September!

Then it was time to drive to work..

Is this the start of winter?

Pilot Man Absence Surprises 100%/ without 0%.....

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  1. We have that same thing here, Mike leaves and we have a wildfire or Santa Anna winds..... Fishpond stops working or some such...


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