Wednesday, October 16, 2013

City Night Lights~

If you were to visit Washington DC today,
you would sadly be denied access to some very special places.

Luckily our timing was before the government shutdown,
and when the Barrister Son and his Teacher Wife
offered to take us to the mall so that I could 
get night shots of the mall, I was tickled!

It was a perfect night to be out.....

We started at one of my favorites,
the WWII Memorial.

They memorialize both oceans
and all of the states who were represented by soldiers
who fought for all of us.

So many lives touched and changed.



  1. Hi Sharon, love the pictures, and nice to see these places without hoards of people in the pictures. I always seem to visit sites and I can never get a picture without someone in it who is doing something silly!!!! When we were in DisneyWorld which is never quiet I took a picture of the Boys and no one was behind them, it was a great picture until I looked at it after I had taken it and a man in a motorized scooter had whizzed into the frame!!!! Oh well. Thanks for sharing. Susie x

  2. Gorgeous night shots of a beautiful memorial. My husband visited Washington before we were married and has seen all the memorials, etc. It is a place that we plan on visiting together at some point.

  3. Great photos. I'm glad your visit wasn't badly impacted by the sequester. We had to juggle some of our plans to visit the Grand Canyon. Luckily, the governor of Arizona came through and we were able to see it.


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