Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Sad Fact~

It is a sad, but true fact
that flying is an unforgiving act.
Mistakes, poor judgement calls, mechanical problems, etc., 
are bad news.

As you may have heard on the national news, 
in Western Alaska.
Off the road system.
In bad weather.
One of the four victims was an infant.

We received a call about it last night, 
and have been hearing reports on the air all day.

It is a sad story to be sure,
but, something they are not sharing is how the others survived.

As she was doing CPR on her baby,
one passenger called the Village Health Aide,
to tell them the plane was down.
Then she hiked to meet the searchers who were having 
trouble finding the plane in the weather,
and brought them back to help
the remaining survivors.

You can read the story by clicking on the link.

The basic story has aired in the Lower 48
and family called wondering if it was one of ours.
Although St. Marys is south of us, 
the terrain and conditions are similar.

It is a somber reminder
that getting there safely 
is better than getting there now.....

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