Monday, November 25, 2013

Guthrie, Oklahoma~

September First found us in Guthrie, Oklahoma.
The Flyer Son discovered this cute little town
when he did some flying from a nearby airport.

Only a short drive from Oklahoma City,
this town is packed with character!

They have restored most of the old buildings to
their original designs.

and the old trolly runs through the streets.

If you have ever wanted a train station of your own,
Guthrie's original is for sale!

It connects with the Amtrak lines so
you could travel in all directions.

Next to the druggist, was this sweet little garden.

The plants were identified by name and medicinal purposes.

The streets we walked were packed with 
wonderful shops full of antiques, yarns, crafts, books
and dining opportunities!

They were gearing up for a big--
20,000 tickets--
 concert the following weekend.

One of the shop owners told us Mumford and Son 
had chosen Guthrie as one of their three (3)
USA stops this year.
No one seemed to know why Guthrie,
but some hopeful business owners were planning to pay their
debts after the weekend activities!

Can you tell the boys were avoiding my pictures?

Miss Sweetness couldn't understand what they were doing ;-)

 If you ever find yourself in the Guthrie area,

I would highly recommend you park, and enjoy a walk about.....

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  1. That is one gorgeous looking town. Looks like you all enjoyed your walkabout and Miss Sweetness' facial expressions are just adorable as is she.


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