Monday, December 16, 2013

A Little Something Different~

"Tis the time of year to begin
gearing up for are the 

Since the world-class Iditarod ends in Nome,
the winter is filled with Idita-something.

With the help of the Pilot Man's webmaster brother,
I work on the Idita-Splash.

It is open to anyone, anywhere!
The event runs from January 2nd to March 31st of each year.
For those looking for a little inspiration or motivation in the pool,
this might be the spark you need?

Each person can choose to count either laps or minutes
equaling 1049..
the traditional Iditarod count!

All finishers can purchase a tee shirt or hooded sweatshirt.
The profit goes to the high school swim team
to help with their flight expenses when they fly to meets.

We have a chart on the wall at the Nome pool,
but anyone can use the online tracker 
or print their sheet to 
keep track of their progress.

This year we are doing the shirts a little differently...
My talented friend created the design,
and we will have them printed locally, in Nome.

The Pilot Man and his Computer Brother
work on the 
1049 minutes of walking to the finish.
It begins February First
and supports kids and scouts.

If you are looking for something different to keep you
moving this winter,
maybe Idita- Yourself to help those long 
months pass more quickly.....

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