Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Bit of a Blow~

The Nursing Daughter was scheduled to fly back to school
on Friday,
but we had a bit of a blow.

The Pilot Man called home early to say his drive to town was pretty slow,
with poor to no visibility at times.
By 9:30 the jet was still scheduled to fly,
so we prepared to try to head in.

When the daughter went to put her dog kennel in the car,
it became a sail and she took off down the deck until she was able to get around
the bend..
kind of like in the old cartoons ;)
The last I saw of her was a billowing black flash,
as she flew by the window (like the grouchy lady in the Wizard of Oz),
and then she disappeared!

I threw on some boots, coat and gloves and went to find her moving up wind.
Between us we grabbed the kennel,
held the car doors and loaded things up.
When we went back for another load, the Crafty Wife
told us the Pilot Man had called.
The flight was cancelled and the forecast was getting worse.

We left the kennel in the car and stayed in the house.
When we offered to let the dog out, he backed up and walked away.

At full daylight, it was pretty white outside.
Alaska Airlines offered to reschedule the Nursing Daughter on the evening flight.
Being a seasoned Nomer, she declined and booked the next available connection
on Sunday.

In town, the power went off and they sent the kids home early from school.
The busses took them to their homes instead of just the bus stops.
Winds gusted to 60+, and the snow blew.

The Pilot Man made it home midday.
Luckily it was before the visibility became really poor!
All flights, InCluDINg the evening jet, cancelled.

The fire was going, the house was warm, 
we were all together with extra days at home..
What to do, what to do?


One year, one month, one week old.....


  1. Hi Sharon I just have the image of your poor daughter flying past and not being able to stop!!! Or lifting off like Mary Poppins!!!! So glad you are all at home and safe in the Arctic blow the US are suffering. Your dog sounds just like ours, Treacle. If its really bad she refuses to go out!!!! Keep safe Susie x

  2. It sounds comical now, but it must have frightening at the time. Having your daughter and Miss Sweetness a little longer was a wonderful treat. I can't believe how big she is getting. She looks adorable.


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