Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Casualty of the Wind~

Those fierce storm winds blew all night and the next day too.
They hammered everything in their path!!

This wooden hanger has been here for a long time.  In its previous life it was  
used by the military when they had a large presence 
in the area during WWII.

There has been talk of turning this into a historical marker,
or a museum.
But, as you can imagine, the price to restore this last remaining structure is pretty steep!

Before the winds took their toll,
there were tall, sliding doors that covered the entire front.
The hanger has never been insulated, but the doors would at least keep the wind out,
when they worked on those planes long ago.....


  1. It's such a shame to see the damage from the wind. I hope some funding comes from somewhere to restore this building.

  2. I can't imagine working in that hanger without insulation. I'm guessing that if they didn't have insulation, they probably didn't have heat either. They must have had some hearty airmen. It's a shame to see remnants of history go to ruin.


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