Monday, January 27, 2014


It has been crazy weather around the world, hasn't it?

Unusual snowfall in the southern US,
record freezing temps in the upper-midwest,
in the Jerusalem,
and here we are in the balmy arctic.

Snowmachiners are frustrated with our lack of snow,
and dog teams have only been hooked up to their sleds a few times so far.
The little snow that has fallen keeps melting!

On Wednesday our world was coated in ice, literally.
It shimmered in the sun,
and we had to tread carefully.
That night it snowed giving us a little traction to keep on the road.

As the temperatures rose on Thursday,
everything melted, glazing the walkways, parking lots, and steps.
If you were on a bit of a slope, the breeze sailed you along with out taking a step!

The local stores sold out of Ice Grippers for shoes!!

In Fairbanks, Alaska they have been using helicopters for ambulances due to the 
treacherous roads.

Friday morning the Pilot Man headed to town at 5 AM
and I heard footsteps on the deck at 5:20.
Not good...
His pickup had slid off of the road!  

After crawling on all fours across the road, he walked home.
Buses couldn't run on the slick roads causing school to be cancelled..again.
Flights had to be cancelled because the runways and ramps were too dangerous.

We were in the 30's by afternoon and the sun peeked out.
Water was lapping in the breeze on the ponds and river.

After dashing to the road to Pilot Man was able to work with the wonderful DOT crew
to get his pickup pulled back up onto the road.
He drove it back home where they both stayed until the roads were better.....

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  1. Wow! That was a close call. I'm glad the pilot is okay. This has been a very strange year for weather.


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