Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Pretty Little Visitor~

We have a compost pile that we keep adding to.
It is a cold compost rather than a hot one!

The decomposition takes a little longer here.

Some local critters think these tasty little morsels are worth checking out.

Last week this pretty little thing came for dinner..

Dressed in its winter fur, it looked soft and cuddly.

On its last visit the fox had spread out the banana peels across the yard.
They must have tasted better this time.

The fox's fur was such pretty colors!

And so thick!

Like the rest of us,  after dinner it curled into a ball to rest.
It was still at the top of the rise, watching the house,  
until we went to bed.....


  1. How cool to see those photos - thanks for posting! We've had many, many fox in our area, but they succumbed to the mange a few years back and it is taking awhile for their numbers to multiple again. Same with the coyotes. Who knew fox liked bananas?

  2. The fox is beautiful. We have them in our area, but they look scrawny compared to the one in your photo.

  3. It is gorgeous and very fluffy! I love the last shot of it that you posted. Looking pretty comfy :)


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