Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The View From Above~~

Four of the males from our household
have become pilots.

I have only flown with one.

See this airplane?
I have never flown in such a little one.

These were just two of the thoughts that went through my mind
as the Engineering Son did a preflight on the rented plane.

Mayhaps I looked a little concerned...
because, as we were headed to the runway,
my child said, "Don't worry Mom, I will take care of you."

And away we went...

As we flew above the lake he explained who lived where,
and landing on the dog-leg runway.

Who can camp on the islands.

That some people get out early in the season to train for water skiing.

Who is building what.

He showed me the waterways around the area he now lives in.

The only bumps were the expected ones above the snow-covered mountains.
It was a very smooth flight.

Almost exactly two years before this day,
he married his sweet wife on this mountain.
We could see where our families all stayed and enjoyed the weekend.
There wasn't nearly as much snow that year!

We spotted tree quilts created by logging

and patchwork farming.

It was a gorgeous day to see for miles all around

and below us.

So many colors of water!

Someone was growing Christmas trees in neat little fields.

All too soon we began our descent, lined up with the runway

and ...landed.

It was an excellent flight!

He had learned well,

this child of mine!

The fun lunch date and time with my son, 
was such a delightful treat.....

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  1. It looks like a wonderful way to have a special day with your son. I'll bet you were bursting with pride. Is Nursing Daughter next for pilot training


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