Monday, May 26, 2014

A Little Goose Talk~

Once there were two geese
hanging about at the pond looking for a place to build.

Mr. Goose decides to strut over from the pond ice, across the moat to the shore.
(I didn't have the camera for his walk ...)

so, he hops off the ice and lands in the moat.
But, it turns out the moat is FrOzEn and he is stuck!
He has to be a honking ice-breaker to get out and climb on shore.

So he calls back, 
"Come on over, it is fine on this side."

She considers the possibilities and turns the other way...
gathering speed as she goes.

"Aw, come back, wait for me!"

I am thinking she might be back when there is a warm place to 
build her nest.....


  1. Your pictures paint a lovely story. It reminds me of the last time we went house hunting.


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