Friday, May 2, 2014

A Stop in Colorado~

From Northern Idaho
I drove to Spokane and hopped over to Seattle.
Sometime during the night at the airport,
I was joined by the Pilot Man.

A few hours later we started our flights east together.
And, while someone else did the
we took a bit of a nap

and woke up in Denver, Colorado.

As we drove south to Colorado Springs,
we were surrounded by amazing terrain.

I had never been to the Air Force Academy,
but the Pilot Man has spent a little time there.

He said it had changed since he was last there....
several decades ago!

The Chapel is a beautifully designed building.

It looks out over much of the Academy's campus.

The bright sunshine coming through the windows 
illuminated the inside,
highlighting the angles and artistic lines.  

So much detail went into the careful craftsmanship!

Even the grounds outside were framed from within, by the windows.

We didn't get to hear the organ,
but it looked impressive.

And the view looking up, 
up to the sky...

Notice the wing-tipped pews?
Some serious aviation minds worked on this!

I just absorbed
as much as I could.

Driving around the campus,
there were many airplanes which the 
Pilot Man told me about.

Maybe these inspired some of the building's design?

As we headed back to the freeway,
we had one last glimpse of the natural beauty of the mountains
surrounding the campus.....

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  1. My husband was at the Air Force Academy in Jan. 2004. Your photos of the chapel are stunning! After reading your post, we went back and looked at the pics of his trip there. Did you also visit the Garden of the Gods. The terrain and landscape is breathtaking at the Academy and in Colorado in general isn't it.


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