Sunday, May 25, 2014

And We Are Back~

It is the last week of May.
We all know how time flies, zips, skips and never stops.
Especially when we are having fun!

Our world looked like this when I left in April..

Break-up was starting about a month earlier than normal.
After all of the winter ice and little snow, it seemed like we were going to see
things melt soon!

Then I went away and came back to this.
Most of the snow was gone, but everything is still brown.

My theory is that the ground was so thickly covered with ice,
the roots of the plants are still cold
and they haven't warmed up enough to begin to green. 

It has been so cold, the ice is only melting a little each day.
The water runs off of the the tundra during the afternoons,
but refreezes most nights.

And those little white things in the picture that looks like snowflakes--
they are.....


  1. Hi Sharon, we are complaining that it is colder again after some lovely warm weather and you all still have snow and ice, it is incredible to think that. I hope it starts to get warmer and greener soon for you. Love the pictures and the last post with that beautiful fox. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Susie x

  2. I remember one summer, I think it was 1959, my Dad (who taught at Nome), was working as a cook about 50 miles out of Nome. We went to bed and got up the next morning to snow. Didn't last, but makes a nice memory. You must be getting close to daylight 24/7.


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