Sunday, May 4, 2014

Last Day in Colorado~

We didn't have a lot of time on our last day
in Colorado,
so we started early and tried to make
the most of it!

Our first stop was the spectacular
and those
Kissing Camels.

Some of the flowers had already bloomed 
and begun to fade.

We took the trail up and around the red rocks.

Pretty, pretty views, don't you think?

I love the contrast of the red on the green in the trees.

Balance Rock...
then on to Manitou Springs.

See that little line up the mountain?
Those are the Manitou Incline stairs to the top!
They should be repaired and ready to 
climb for 2015 if you are interested ;-)

Manitou Springs is a busy little burg,
with buildings built right up against the rock walls.

We wished we had more time to explore the interesting
hamlet, but we had a plane to catch.

So back up the crazy interstate we went..

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