Thursday, May 1, 2014

Northern Idaho Delights~

From the ground,
as well as the air,
Northern Idaho looks pretty good.

Once ruled by the logging industry,
its beauty has attracted other
occupants who enjoy the natural beauty of the region.

A water highway connects much of the area
to Canada

through a series of rivers and lakes.

There is a lot to do

and below the boardwalks.

I like the old buildings--

or restored and used.

There are many bridges to cross
or to stop for a better view of the river.

The Sand Creek Bridge
is a shopping/eating bridge

spanning the entire river

and stepping down to a peaceful river walk on either side.

The design work is made from cuts of old road signs.

The town side if the bridge enters the main drag from the south
to Canada.
Until recently all through traffic,
including loaded log trucks,
passed through town on a one-way street with 90' turns.

 The narrow road hosts
a large variety of quaint shops and eating places.
One of them has a weekly Trivia Night!

Sadly, the Engineering Son and I were voted down at our table 
for the answer to this question...
but the ruling majority was right!

You would think after hours and hours
of b-ball, we would have known.
Sad, sad.

I have a fondness for brick pavers and patterns ;-)
and found many around town.

Bernie is the furry child of the Engineering couple. 
They brought him home from the shelter when he was just a puppy.

This youngster was one of three moose visiting the neighborhood 
as we sat around the fire that night.
Doesn't it look like a gangly teenager!

Since the "Ring" shot was never taken at their wedding,
I tried to capture a few around town during my visit.
This was my tu-lip for Anniversary #two! 

Our Northern Idaho branch of the family
in their yard..

The following week he went to England to work for a few weeks...
which turned into a little longer.
He said he explored a lot, and much was learned at work,
but he was ready to come home finally.
Fortunately, the Engineering Wife was able to go for a long weekend
before he came back.

She was in Europe for their first anniversary,
he was for their second,

maybe they can spend their third one in the same country,
at the same time.....


  1. Looks like you are enjoying your visit and that the weather is a bit milder than Nome! Lovely pictures and your tulip shot with their rings is very sweet, as is their dog! Continue having fun with the family.

  2. It looks like a great place to visit. Somehow, I never thought I'd hear the word beach used in the same sentence as Idaho. The water must be very inviting in the summer.


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