Saturday, May 3, 2014

Way To Go..Finally~

Sometimes you think that a special day will never come,
and this girl thought that...
more that once!

When it finally arrived,
she graduated,
with a BS in Accounting
and and a Minor in Business Management!

While others tried to tell her she needed to 
move back to Oregon, and
change what she was doing,
she stuck to her plan.

After her first deployment to Iraq,
she purchased a house in Colorado to come home to
when she returned from her second time overseas.
Then, while working full-time,
she studied her way through lots of classes.

Finally, Graduation Day arrived!

Friends from her Army days came
to wish her well,
as well as life-time friends from Oregon.

Years ago she had asked if I would come if she ever made it through,
so the Pilot Man and I made sure we were there
to share the happy day.

Her mom, grandpa
and biggest fan, her "little" brother,
also came to celebrate her accomplishment!

Her theme song might be,
I Did It My Way,
because she did just that!

WaY to Go.....

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  1. This is awesome! Your family must be bursting with pride over your daughter's accomplishments and she must be over the moon that not only did she do it but she came through it debt free and with a home. Way to go indeed! Congratulations!


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