Monday, June 30, 2014

Beach Drivin'~

What might you see if you drove along the beach road
(aka Council Road...
aka Front Street..)
on a sunny night?

You might see driftwood, beach grass or puffy clouds~

Beautiful vistas all around~

The newest Safety Bridge~

Safety Sound~

The Safety Roadhouse~
Iditarod's final checkpoint before finishing in Nome!

The once year-round village of Nuuk (rhymes with Book)~
Most families have camps here and live in Nome now.

Fields of cotton grass~

And little friends along the way.....


  1. Hi Sharon the pictures are amazing and I just can't get over the Midnight sun. Its a wonder you get any sleep at all. Do you have extra thick blinds/curtains so you can sleep? At least you look like you are having better weather. Susie x

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for taking us along on your drive :)


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