Saturday, July 5, 2014

2014 Anvil Mountain Run~

Under foggy skies a herd of runners set out
 in the 40+ degree weather.

Our house had only two runners,
the Nursing Daughter and Pilot Man.

For the first time ever, there were more females than males in the race.
Many of the runners were from out of town and
had never run the course before.

It was the ninth time the Nursing Daughter ran it
and the 30th consecutive Anvil Mountain Run
for the Pilot Man.
Several newbies asked him for directions ;)

A couple of muskox herds idly watched the course 
but they didn't bother anyone.

Through the mist we could see a barge coming into port on the Bering Sea. 
The runners soon dissapeared in the fog as they began up the Dexter Bypass Road.

Greg (below) is UAF professor in Rangeland Management.
He trains with the reindeer and has run the 
Boston Marathon.  
He was tied for third coming off of the mountain.

Can you see what the Nursing Daughter has in her hand?

Luckily this year no one was lost in the fog...for long!
I could hear voices long before I spotted runners.
It would be a perfect place to play Marco Polo!

Several new runners chose to take the Beltz road back to town.  
It is longer, but they knew the way!

According to their watches, the race was 11.3 miles this year.

Both of our household runners finished in less than 2 hours.

After showering the Pilot Man hopped on a jet
to go to a family reunion in Idaho.

Oh, remember the Nursing Daughter's hand?

She collected qiviut to give to me at the bottom of the hill.
What a kid.....


  1. What a kid indeed and what a husband! I think it's awesome that they have participated in the race (as much as they have) and that they look so great when they are done!

  2. Thirty years is an amazing record for running in the same race. Nursing daughter is well trained. I'm sure no one else in the race stopped to collect qiviut along the route. Great family picture.


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