Friday, July 11, 2014

Pond Tag~

We currently have three beavers living at the pond.
It appears that two are younger because they are smaller.
But, they all love to play tag with our dogs.

The beavers will swim back and forth near the shore
until they see 
the Nursing Daughter's dog, Nike, come to
the bank.

Then they go out just far enough to tease
him down to the water.

He barks and lunges,
as they paddle back and forth,

back and forth.
Nike enjoys the chase as much as they do!

He is not a water dog or a swimmer,
but he has been getting a little braver about going deeper.

When Nike starts to tire of the game,
the beavers "step it up"
and move in closer!

This time Nike actually tagged the beaver.

It must have really surprised the beaver because 
it swam to the middle of the pond,
and wouldn't come play
the rest of the day.

Maybe the beaver isn't used to being "It".....


  1. What a wondrous sight! blessings, marlene

  2. I just love that a domesticated animal playing tag with a wild one and the best thing is they have made this game up themselves, no one has taught them to do it. Treacle would like to play with the fat pigeons which sit in our trees, but I think her "playing" would be killing them!!!! They tease her by being just out of reach and her dancing on her back legs trying to get them. One day I swear she will learn to fly!!!! I must try and get a video of it, it is hilarious to watch. I do love your posts. Have a lovely weekend. Susie x

  3. Pond Tag! Love it. What a cute post :) Maybe I need to find a pond with a beaver in it that wants to play tag with my dog (who's afraid of the water by the way)


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