Saturday, August 2, 2014

Baby It Is Hot Out There~

Have you ever wondered

how the muskox cool themselves off when it is hot?
(It has been getting up into the +70's)

Well, we discovered that they go swimming!

At least the kids do..
 while the adults wade and watch ;-)
just like humans.

As we watched we could hear them snuffling as they ate,
and we could smell them...
I was surprised how much it resembled a barn yard!

When the herd wandered out of the water,
the poor guy in the back was doing a 3-legged walk.
He couldn't put any weight on his hind leg, 
but he kept up with the rest.

Can you see the water line on their sides
where the color changes?  

Then there was a story about the woman camping out by 
the ol' swimming hole.
I n t e r esting....

For the muskox, it was a beautiful day for a tasty snack

and a restful nap.....


  1. Great shots! They look like they are having a fine time. I wonder if this is the muskox Riviera.


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