Friday, August 8, 2014

It's a Flyer~

As we continued driving past the resting
my friend drew my attention
to a flyer heading towards us.

 I pulled over, and as we watched, the pilot guided his craft to
land on the road near our
parked car.

As luck would have it,
we were well-armed with our cameras.
The flyer said it was the first time he had made it all the way to
the road.
The wind was right that night carrying him beyond the hillside and tundra.

I don't think he expected to be
"shot" from all angles,
or to be peppered with so many questions,
but he was a good sport!

At some point my friend
asked if he minded ;-)

It was really interesting listening as he explained the dynamics of his flight
and the training he had done 
to prepare.

His plan was to keep walking up the hill,
and flying down
while the perfect conditions lasted.

When he was too tired to go up,
he would go home.
Because it was so calm, his flights were much
more controlled than the other nights he had tried,
so he wanted to go as long as he could.

The flyer has already base jumped off the Perrine Bridge
and Shoshone Falls in Idaho,
out of a helicopter near Nome,
various places around Oregon and California.

In a few months his next stop will be Italy to fly off
the highest cliff they can find.
For that he will be wearing his "winged" suit!
My friend asked what his Mom thought of all of that ;-)

On his final run of the night, the flyer had an audience at the 
top of the Anvil Rock
and us snapping away at the bottom.

Such a beautiful night to be out.....


  1. Wow Sharon, never a dull moment in Dexter. I guess you never know what is over the next hill.

  2. Oh to have the nerve that the flyer does. Closest I ever came or will ever come to experiencing what he does was a few years ago when I took the *Soaring* ride at Disney. I loved it but I also knew I was strapped safely in a seat :)


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