Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Loon Love~

Every year we have one or two 
adult loons come feed at the pond.

On this morning, a flock of in-betweens also came to visit.
Their little hairs on the back of their heads
resemble any toddler's wisps.

The adult loons are graceful divers
and cover a lot of territory underwater.
Once they dive, we can only guess where they will come up.

For a short time I was able to quietly 
take some pictures from the deck

before the youngsters were disturbed from the ground below.

There wasn't any time to change my camera settings

so I just kept shooting as they ran on the water

to build up speed and become airborne

to escape back to the river-side.....


  1. Wonderful shots! I love how you caught their reflection on the water.

  2. Wow! What wonderful shots - I've never seen Loons so these were a delight. blessings, marlene


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