Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Day - A Family Affair~

Thanksgiving was full of 
fun, family and special times.....

These sweet girls ran with me so that I could 
do a real Turkey Trot.

The ten-year old led our little pack!!

Miss Sweetness wasn't feeling well,
but she was happy to take little 
walks with Granddaddy.

Cooking was handled by many hands.

There was time for visiting
while the food cooked.

This was the Roller Boys first 

It was a day to truly be thankful for.

Chats and laughter from all around..


Special moments.

Good eating!

The dishes were done before

we began the family photo shoot.

It takes a few minutes to organize
that many people ;) so they had time to finish!

But, we were able to get everyone in at least one shot!!

The day wore some people out....

Later that night we gathered in the hotel lobby

(can you tell they are related?)

for leftovers, games and more visiting.

It was such a SpEcIaL day.....


  1. Busy day! Fun times for sure :)


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