Saturday, November 1, 2014

To Infinity and ~

Sometimes it may feel like
an eternity,
but time passes so quickly.

In his chosen uniform of blue,
 the Pilot Man will today 

30 (yes, thirty!) years

Once he was flying 

in the Lower '48.

Then he packed up everything he had,
drove to Alaska

to fly to a job he had accepted

in Nome, Alaska.

It was,
and remains,
 a lifelong dream of his to be a Bush Pilot!!

His flights have been varied,
 and he does occasionally still fly in the Lower '48.

Bering Air transport passengers, 
mail (which includes all winter groceries),
fish counters, 
whale watchers,
barge searchers,
camp supplies.
and more.

Years of flying to Russia
means many Visas ;-) 
among other things!

Some of the airplanes he flies now, are new since he began at BA.

But, others are the same ones he has worked 
with since he first arrived!

 By choice he doesn't fly scheduled flights as much as he used to.

Instead he focuses on keeping things moving during the day..
trying to get everything delivered safely,
pilots trained,
planes working,
inspectors satisfied,
ramps cleared,
and people happy ;-)

It has been interesting, sometimes challenging, 
but, definitely never boring.

He still enjoys going to work where it is 
always an adventure, 
with no two days 
eVeR the same!

Unlike many,
he isn't looking to retire or change is life..

he is having too much fun 
living his dream!

To infinity and beyond.....


  1. Congratulations to your Pilot Man! 30 years and still living his dream. He and you have accomplished (and overcome) a great deal living and working in Nome and the fact that he still has no plans to retire and admirable and commendable. Best wishes!

  2. Beautiful tribute! Bering Air would not be the same without David. Happy Anniversary!

  3. I remember picking up that crew! Cant believe its been 30 years! I am sure everyone at Bering Air is grateful for his steady Leadership! Keep up the good work Laddy! And thanks for those great pictures!

  4. HI Sharon, what a lovely tribute to your DH and his life. I think if anyone can find a job that they love and never want to leave is amazing in this day and age so many congratulations on the first 30 years and here is to the next 30! Love the pictures. My Dad was in the RAF and then worked in the private industry on the Vulcan Bomber and other aircraft as an engineer and he too loved his job and he used to fly but only for testing. Hugs, Susie x

  5. Congratulations to your husband on thirty years, and to you for being the support crew on the ground!


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