Sunday, February 15, 2015

Water-Based in Juneau~

This year we had three swimmers 
qualify for the 
Alaska Age Group Championships
in Juneau, Alaska!

To get there we flew to Anchorage,
then on down to southeast Alaska.

While the kids were swimming

We could all see the mountain out the window.

So, when we had time, we headed up to 
Mendenhall Glacier

and Nugget Falls.

I was happy to get out to see it from three sides..
on three trips!

Each time the fog and weather conditions
were a little different.

On Sunday the girls and I hiked around to the falls.

It was an icy trail, 
but a nice little trek.

The glacier ice is really blue.

Because of the warm temperatures, 
the snow was melted off of the sandy beach
at the base of the falls.

We were able to be barefooted and without jackets!

We followed the ice path around to the right, 
shown below,
to get the falls.

It is such a beautiful area.....


  1. Congratulations to your three swimmers that qualified to go to Juneau! Your little treks outside of the swimming pool looked amazing!

  2. The photos are gorgeous. It's hard to believe you were barefoot and coatless this time of year.


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