Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Glacier National Park, Montana~

I was lucky to go again to Montana's beautiful Glacier National Park.

This year it was to take a hiking & photography class.
It was a solo trip for me,

and reminded me of going to camp as a kid ;)

Kind of scary, kind of fun. Remember those?

Six of us took the class.  We came from different places: Wisconsin, San Francisco, Polson, Birmingham, Alaska and Australia.   It was a very interesting group!

After meeting in the classroom to talk about the week we headed out
to shoot for the evening.  

The instructor was rEaLLy excited to show us a beaver lodge
and watch the beavers come out and play...

On the way to the lodge we saw a black bear mama and cub.
Our cameras were packed away,
but we whipped out phones ;)

When we stopped at the lodge,
the others sat and waited for the beaver family
I wandered...

This huge family of mergansers buzzed by.

The river and trees, oh my!

The family came by again.  
I love how they swim with their heads underwater ;)

Everyone was still waiting for the beaver family..
 while I found water skippers
pretty flowers growing on the water,

then wandered back over to watch the beavers 
come out and go to work.

They are interesting creatures. If you have read this blog
for a bit, you know about our Dexter beavers.

Because we have beavers at home, 
I might not have been as dedicated to sitting for two+ hours by the lodge
as some of my classmates.

The birds made a few more passes to the bridge and back

before it was time for us to head down the road for our last
stop of the evening, the Apgar Village.

We watched the sun set from the beach near the docks.

So vErY beautiful!
That view was well worth the wait!!

Good Night.....


  1. What a trip! Your last photo is a stunner!


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