Saturday, July 18, 2015

July Days~

The Engineer Son and Engineer Wife
flew from smokey Idaho to find
a very smokey Alaska.  

I think this was the summer of record fires in way too many places.

 They also came home to a record-breaking fishing season.

Those fish we could hear passing our house were entering the Nome River
by the hundreds at the mouth.

And they were hungry!

Although the sky and water were pretty much the same color,
it didn't seem to bother the fish..or birds at all.

Fishing skills were cheered, 

and shared by all....


  1. It's great to have a cheering squad when you bring a fish in. It sound amazing to be able to hear the fish as they swim by your house. From late August through September and very early October the bays near our summer house are loaded with snappers (baby Bluefish). I never tire of seeing them break the water and rush hungrily through a school of bait fish. When the sun hits the water there are flashes of their silver sides everywhere.


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