Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Older Siblings..Roller Boy~

At fourteen months

the Roller Boy is no longer an infant

and is ready to move out independently.

An observer, he will probably

 see what others may miss.

As he begins to venture out

still wants to still hold on

and be securely embraced by someone he trusts.


The world is so big,

with lots to do.

New things to explore

and places to check out.

He sure will be glad when his little brother can join him 

in swinging,

and splashing

the Roller Boy way.....


  1. Your older Grandchildren are adorable, as all little ones are! I love the pictures and a little insight into their characters. I am sure their siblings will have a great time with them when they are a little older. Makes me remember our two Boys when they were that age. Hugs, Susie xx


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