Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Milestone Birthday Numbers~

This year our family had four big "Milestone"

I was thinking about how funny it was,
the different way we look at things as the years go by..

The youngest son turned 25.

When you are~
A quarter of a century old.
No longer a kid, 
and adulting has truly begun.
Mid going-on-late 20's faster than you ever dreamed.

The oldest son turned 30.

That always seemed to be the top of the Age Mountain.
Soooooo old! 
Remember all of those jokes about
'only downhill' from there?!
Reality kicks in and you realize that you may have been
a little overly optimistic about where you would 
be in your life by the big 3-0.
This can be a challenging birthday year,
complete with re-evaluation, reorganization,
 and adjustments.

I turned 55.

Senior discounts at the pool, rec center
and on Wednesdays/Thursdays,
I get 10% off at the grocery stores!

When the Pilot Man discovered those 
discounts a few years ago, 
he became our big mainstay shopper!
No excuses for me now.

While I no longer have the benefit of a personal shopper,
I have discovered that it is a great day to visit folks at the store.
And it is pretty sweet watching the couples that ride on the Senior Bus, 
shopping together.
I love how they take turns reading to each other..
depending on who remembered their 
glasses ;)

The Pilot Man turned 60!

Wow, 60!
It is surprising how fast that happened ;)
He can eat lunch for free at the Senior Center,
and even get it delivered if he wanted.
How cool is that!
It is good to know that there are benefits to this
getting "mature" stuff.

And, certainly just as important..

The Flyer Son turned 28 

and the Nursing Daughter turned 23.

That is like 221 years total!!

Happy Lucky 2015 Birthday to Everyone.....


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