Saturday, April 9, 2016

Searching For Springtime~

Like most of North America, we are looking for the signs of spring.

Any sign would be welcome!

The hints are there, 
but it just keeps teasing us.

Yesterday we enjoyed sitting on the bench out on the deck after work,
soaking up the warmth from the late afternoon sun.

And earlier today we went out for a nice, sunny trek with our snowshoes.
It feels so good to be outside.
But now we have this...more snow!

I guess we might have to make our own sunshine 
for a little bit longer.....


  1. Happy Spring, even if it is still snowy with you! We moan down here about the April showers but shouldn't when you still have all that snow! Love the different ducks! We were on vacation in The Highlands of Scotland over the Easter break and we did have some sleet but it didn't settle! Today has been lovely and spring like here with some warmth in the sun. It is a shame I can't package a bit of it up and send it to you. Hugs, Susie x

  2. We had a mild Winter yet Spring is making a slow entrance here as well. Finally did some gardening today, cleaning up the beds and a lot of trimming. Looking forward to new blooms but doubt any cute little ducks will be popping up around here.


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