Saturday, April 16, 2016

Weekend Wanderings~

The Pilot Man and I headed out with snowshoes last weekend.
It was a beautiful, sunny day,
with barely any wind.

We headed out to Basin Creek.
There is a landing strip there which is the closest alternate airport
for Nome.

When the weather is below minimums in Nome,
the planes can land there so the passengers can be picked up
and driven into town.

From above Basin Creek, we had a good view of the
 private mining operation below. 

 We also found a few location stakes on top.

The snow has been melting quite a bit with the warmer temperatures
and winds.
This has exposed some of last year's treasures such as
this little tuft of qiviut.


The sunshine and warmth are also causing the 
willows to pop.

A true sign of spring!

 I ended up with a whole pocket of qivuit collected as we walked across the tundra.

Although is is melting, the snow was still firm enough in most spots, that we could walk 
without snowshoes.

I did manage to find a few softer spots that I 
had to climb out of!

The water from the melting snow leaches down and drips from 
below the snow pack.
We saw a lot of this bright yellow lichen which must
fade later in the summer.
Perhaps bleached and dried from the long summer days? 

My attempt to slide downhill was not very successful,
but the footing was good going up, 
and down.

It turned out to be a day when snowshoes were optional ;) .....

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  1. Nothing better than blue skies and sunshine! I think spring is finally here.


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