Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Wanderings - King Mountain~

Another splendid day for a walk,
and today we headed up nearby King Mountain.

We drove to the Ditch Rider's cabin then began down 
into the Dexter Creek bed from there.  

The snow was punchy in lots of spots heading up out of 
the creek bed.
Much of my time was spent looking up as I crawled out of a hole.
This time I caught a view of the

When we thought we were at the edge of the snow
and expecting only bare tundra ahead,
we parked our snowshoes.

We found a different type of marker at the first level spot,
there wasn't any writing to give clues about 
its use.
Mining?  Geological?  BLM?

We were wrong about no more snow.
There was one last thigh-deep, and very soft patch.

There were also perfectly shaped berries from last year!
When transitioning from tundra to snow,
we left bright red marks behind us.
It was from the cranberries and black berries 
that wintered over.

The top of the south end of King Mountain
has a rock marking stake...
and amazing views from all sides!

From the ocean to the south,
to the mountains on the north side, 
it was a 360' view!

Even sad things like this abandoned mine were seen.
No gold was ever taken out from this place...
although the land was stripped and 
strife was caused in town.

The rock marker  at the top was surrounded by flat rocks, like a seat.
Planned or not, it worked well!
If you peek closely, you can see our house over my left shoulder.

Looking out we could see that the 
river is already starting to flow across the ice.


We have never seen that rapid melt in April before.

Going back down on the snow we unexpectedly crossed paths with this furry guy.

He had a long way to go with all of those little, bitty legs
across his long snowy trail!

A little message for all of our April birthday family and friends :)

This is one of the remaining water pipes from long ago
mining days. 
The Ditch Rider was probably responsible for monitoring its flow.

To to top and back...
It was a fantastic hike.....


  1. Your outings in your area are always so breathtaking and interesting!


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