Saturday, April 30, 2016

Weekend Wanderings - Newton Peak~

Another beautiful April day,
and another check off of the
To Explore List.

This time we drove further up the Dexter Bypass Road,
and parked at Deadman's Curve.
After adding a few layers, we headed uphill with snowshoes.

There are winter trail markers to guide folks safely over the top
when the visibility is poor.

I have only been to the top one other time,

It was surprisingly bare and dry on the first step.
I was on a quest to see my first spring flower,
but, alas, not a flower could be seen.

Once we were above the steep side,
it was a lot calmer and more comfortable.
Time to drop the snowshoes!

Our destination was that peak with with little ROC on top.

This Remote Communication Outlet (RCO) 
serves as a repeater for radio transmission in times of 

It is located on the peak across from the Anvil Mountain 

The tips of my snowshoes are pointing to

At the upper edge of Newton Peak, we found this shelter.
We couldn't tell how old it was.
There was a lot of evidence of reindeer/caribou up there,
so maybe it belonged to hunters?

If you sat down, it would block that ferocious wind while you waited.
Covered with a tarp or hide, it could be quite cozy
in a storm..

Before we began our descent, I took a picture looking north.
The bottom "line" is the Dexter Bypass Road.
Above it are hand-dug ditch lines and a train line.
The Bypass runs between Dexter (+ beyond) and Nome
through King Mountain,
Newton Peak and Anvil Mountain.

The sun was doing its magic on the snow, 
but we were able to stay upright on the steep slope.

Once we leveled out a little, we sunk a lot more!
I experimented when I fell,
but rolling was not any faster,
or dryer.

While on the low side, I spotted another little hiker.
How can they survive on the snow?!

I guess the warmth is good for us all.....


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