Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Weekend Wanderings - A White World~

Once upon a time
we wished for snow instead of rain.

Well, that wish has been granted!

We have been able to get out a little, and it has been interesting.
Although the temperatures have rarely been above freezing,
this stretch of the river hasn't frozen over. 
The water isn't deep underneath,
but it is still running.

Most of the plants have an ice coating.

These tripods mark the trail going over the hill.
Once you get into the fog, they can be
a lifesaver!

Without the snow, you can see the markers are at least 6' tall.
These are the same markers that the Iditarod teams
follow on their trip to Nome.
More than one musher has mentioned the soft, deep snow
and warm temperatures this year.

The Ditch-rider's cabin is tucked into a snow bank.
We haven't driven on the road since last fall.
There is way too much snow to try to
keep it open for driving.

It is kind of hard to tell, but the snow is covering half of the window
on the downhill side of the cabin. 
I was looking through the uphill side window frame.

The Pilot Man thought it was a good time for a selfie :)

We are getting more snow today.
I think it is the most since the winter of 2009.
Spring ought to be fun!
Oh boy.....

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  1. Looks like winter finally arrived in your neighborhood. We got a foot of wet, heavy snow yesterday. The temperature was barely above freezing. I like the shot of the ice-coated plant.


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