Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Spring Has Returned to the Hood~

We left last week when the snow was still covering the lawn,
and the river was thick with ice.

Since there wasn't anything we could do to stop 
flooding waters if they happened,
we hoped for the best
and flew away.

We returned to ice-free, flowing rivers,
and the sound of multiple birds calls.

Our ride was much easier than the trip these feathered guys had

They looked a little 'fluffed' and needed their ruffled feathers smoothed!

In our neck of the woods, there isn't much time for grooming 
because the mating game is on...
while nests are being created
and food is being found.

We have a very short season, which they maximize!

As the day warms from the afternoon to evening, the pond water thaws,
making it better for baths,
and bug-catching.

After a silent, white winter, the lively chatter,
and antics brought by the returning critters,
is a welcome change.....


  1. Beautiful photos as alway. Nice to see the weather is finally changing!

  2. We thought Spring was late here in the UK but don't realise that you are still dealing with snow and ice. Glad to see that it is going and you have signs of Spring appearing. Love the pictures, thanks for sharing. Hugs, Susie xx


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