Monday, March 18, 2019

S w e e t~

In the summer of 2017 
the Pilot Man had a spontaneous moment
and purchased two tickets to see a person who had been a big part of his youth.

The concert was in November in Idaho.
It was a surprise, that he forgot to tell me about until October.
When I found out and tried to buy airline tickets,
I had to check the dates on the promotional website.
The big surprise was that the concert had been postponed
for health reasons!!

All tickets were refunded and time ticked on.

Fast forward to July 2018
(yes, life really does travel that fast!)
and he again purchased tickets for the same person.
Row 6, Center aisle.
We were looking forward to our date.

Between the purchase of those tickets, and when travel occurred,
lots of things happened.
Some were really good,  others, downright not good.
A rollercoaster year for sure...

On the night of the concert, we had two additional guests.
One, the Pilot Man's younger brother,
who had spent the last few months helping
another brother and his family.
The second, the Nursing Daughter.
They were Row 5, side aisle.

When we went it, the atmosphere was different that any concert we had been to.
This band has been around a really long time,
and the average age of those there
to enjoy the evening, was probably at least 40 years old :)
Only one person that we saw had to have a 21 ID bracelet on,
and she was 26!

Such a fun evening!

They sang music that just soothes the soul
as you reminisce about the days of old :)

The music was great, 
the musicians, amazingly talented,

Alto..part of the Silver Bullets since 1971

and the songs were surprising familiar to everyone!

Sometimes it was like a big sing-along.

A year earlier this 73-year old was told he had to do something,
or he was never going to walk again.
 And here he was.. having a fantastic time,
doing what he loved.

He sang his long list of lyrics, 
told the stories of his words,
and pointed out who was older now, 
but still running against the wind.

The songs were different when we heard the stories
behind them...

Like a Rock...a 17-18 year old runner, feeling strong like a rock.

And from the piano he told of  his mother's favorite song,
 We've Got Tonight.

Long, long ago the Pilot Man used to sing this...

He said he he had made up his mind that it was meant to be..

Who would have thought that I would actually end up with him
where the rivers meet the soundin' sea?

Part of this group has been together since before the Pilot Man 
graduated from high school! 

The Nursing Daughter said it was the best concert she had ever been to,
and she had never seen the all out noise to get not one,
but two separate encores.

But, that is the way we have always seen them done! 

The sweetest part may have been feeling like you were part of a group so satisfied 
with where they are in life. 
And although it seems like yesterday,
it was long ago
we have nothin' left to prove.

Isn't that the way the lyrics go.....

Monday, March 4, 2019

Let's Have a Little Color~

As I was watching from the inside,
hoping to see some action from a grader on the outside,

I thought 

we need a little color.

Something to brighten our days

And remind us that under that white stuff

Which is above frozen white masses..

There is a whole lot of goodness going on.

And, if we can hold out a little bit longer, 

There will be colorful delights 

For our souls, and our tastes!

Is anyone else ready for spring?
Please consider this a gentle reminder of good things to come.....

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Happy First Birthday Little Peanut~

This little person is a year old already!

Her and her family have all grown a lot this last year.

New jobs, new homes, a finished graduate degree...

They have traded potatoes

for sandy beaches and new experiences.

Through it all they have been learning and growing with this
bright little person.

Happy Birthday Little Peanut...
and cheers to the two that you made parents ;)

The fun is just beginning.....

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Spring Has Returned to the Hood~

We left last week when the snow was still covering the lawn,
and the river was thick with ice.

Since there wasn't anything we could do to stop 
flooding waters if they happened,
we hoped for the best
and flew away.

We returned to ice-free, flowing rivers,
and the sound of multiple birds calls.

Our ride was much easier than the trip these feathered guys had

They looked a little 'fluffed' and needed their ruffled feathers smoothed!

In our neck of the woods, there isn't much time for grooming 
because the mating game is on...
while nests are being created
and food is being found.

We have a very short season, which they maximize!

As the day warms from the afternoon to evening, the pond water thaws,
making it better for baths,
and bug-catching.

After a silent, white winter, the lively chatter,
and antics brought by the returning critters,
is a welcome change.....

Monday, May 14, 2018

Moosin' Around~

Snow is still an ongoing theme this spring.
As the birds return and the babes are due to be born,
it is a challenge!

We have at least four moose who have been hanging
around on the river. 
The ice is solid there, and the snow isn't as deep.
That makes it much easier to travel on.

We looked out the window one night to see
two snacking by our house,
and two resting further up river.

They are eating the new shoots of willows along the river's 
snow-covered edge. 
If they are careful, they don't have to go too deep,
to get a bite.
Some of them are getting pretty hungry looking!

There have been reports of bear sightings as our days get longer.
After their long winter, they will be ravenous.
Foraging in the snow will be harder.

There are also foxes that pass by the bedroom window at night.
With the snow so high, we get a pretty good view of them 
as the walk through the leafless willows. 
There were a high number of rabbits and voles last fall.
We haven't seen as many signs of them lately,
so maybe the foxes are feasting.
The bunnies did strip the bark on the willows in the area
they were living in.
We haven't seen that before.
One thing about a willow, is its toughness!
Not even the bunnies or moose will keep them from growing.....

Saturday, March 17, 2018

March Seventeenth~

March 17th...

St. Patricks Day...

and in 2017, the day my father died.

If you knew him, you would understand why that is kind of a fitting day
for him to travel over the rainbow.
Often physically described as a leprechaun,
he was always searching
for new experiences, new jobs, new places.

He graduated from high school, joined the army,
married at 22, and quickly became the father of three.
Seven years later,  he was the father of four.

The song Harry Chapin song, Cats in the Cradle,
could have been written for him.
When we were young, he was gone
.....a lot. 
The four of us all grew up and became involved in our own lives.
When everyone was gone, and he was alone,
he realized what he had missed, and he tried to change that.

He often said he knew that he hadn't been a great father,
so he wanted to be a good grand-father.
He made it to the graduation of all eleven grandkids,
called on every birthday,
and tried to connect with everyone, whenever he could.
He became an avid news watcher, and called whenever he saw something on the air near you!

I never understood my father,
and I think it was mutual.
He didn't consider me feminine enough, compliant enough ;)
or like how I placed my hands on the steering wheel 
when I drove.

But he enjoyed the kids, and I took ours to visit every year.
He flew to Alaska for each of their graduations,
and introduced a new guest to our home with every trip.

He always told the grandkids how proud he was of them and their families.
As adults, they each had their own relationship with him.
He loved to tell stories of their adventures, talk trucks, and orchestrate family gatherings.

In the box that I received from his house
were pictures, photo books, and letters that he had received from my
niece, my kids, and me.
They were treasured gifts he shared with others.

Because of him I learned the importance of following through on promises,
the power of rose-colored glasses,
and the ability to choose how to see the world.

When I drive I hear him in my head telling me to not cross the shoulder-line on a
blind curve,
and how to watch for black ice.
A lifetime of driving truck had taught him a lot about the road.

My Uncle helped me write his brother's obituary.
I never realized it until he commented that
my Father's 'first and last love was his truck'.
That explained so much!
I wish we would have understood that as kids.

When he went to sleep for the last time,
he knew he had two of his kids in the room,
and two on conference lines.
While he could still use the phone, he had tried to call others to say good-bye.

What my kids and niece said afterwards would have made him happy.
 His goal had been achieved!

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face.

I hope you found the gold at the end of your rainbow.....